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UNITEL staffs donateditems to assist Disaster Recovery Program in Bualapha District, Khammuan,Vilaboury and SavannakhetProvinces

     On October 24th-26th, 2017, on behalf of Unitel staff all over the country, Unitel’s Board of Directorsdonateditems and money of Unitel employees with a total value of over Lak45,000,000 to local people affected by DOKSULI Hurricane in the rainy season in BualaphaVillage,Khammouane province and NambakhemVillage, VilaboulyDistrict, SavanakhetProvince.

     Items ware given 50 households in NasalonVillage, ​​BualaphaDistrict,Khammouan Province and 20 households severely affected by natural disasters received Lak500,000/household. The households with mildimpacts were supplied with necessary equipment for living acivities and some medicines. Items and money were given to local people in NambakhenVillage, VilabulyDistrict,Savannakhet Province.The households severely affected by natural disasters received Lak 500,000/householdand the households with mildimpacts were provided with necessary equipment. Five leaders of these villages received donations on behalf of the local people.

     Donation of Unitel staff is aimed atsharing difficulties and helping local people. This activity provesUnitel staff always accompany the Lao people at all times and always help and share difficulties with them; thereby contributing to the sustainablesocio-economic development ofthe nation.