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Travel without worries when using Unitel aboard

Data Roaming for Thailand

True Move H
Package Price Data Expired How to Register Note
IR6 6,000   KIP 150MB 24hr Type: IR6 Send 117 For Prepaid and Net sim
IRU15 15,000   KIP Unlimited 24hr Type: IRU15 Send 117 For Postpaid, Prepaid and Net sim
IRU35 35,000   KIP Unlimited 3Day Type: IRU35 Send 117 For Postpaid, Prepaid and Net sim


before using Data Roaming Service, customer have to register IR service first by type “ON” send to 117 then customer can register package as below:

  • Package IR6 can using for Prepaid and LT number, system will be charging 40KIP/MB after data free used.
  • Package IRU15, IRU35 can using for Prepaid, LT and Postpaid number as unlimited data using.
  • To check Data Roaming Package Type Check, Send 117. 
New Roaming Price for 11 Country, Start from Now.
       • The prices applying to postpaid number of Unitel that had registered IR at counter
          service of Unitel (Free of charge for deposit)
        • Block of charge: 60s+60s for voice and 10KB+10KB for Data.

Country Name Country Code SMS Received Call Calling Kip/minute Data KIP/MB
Call in country KIP/mn Call back in Laos KIP/mn Call other country KIP/mn

1. Post Paid Register

  • To register using IR services customers must come to register at Unitel counter then fill form, not charge any fee.

1.1 The document to register IR services for postpaid number:

  • General Customer:
    • Copy Family book
    • Copy personal card (Not expire date)
  • Foreigner customer:
    • Copy Passport
    • Copy personal card (Not expire date)
  • Government Customer:
    • Certificate from official
    • Copy personal card (Not expire date)

2. Prepaid and LT number:  

  • Registration fee: FREE
  • Please type “ON” send to “117”
  • Make sure your balance greater than charge rate to use service
  • You will be charged on your basic balance