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Prime Minister of Laos – Vietnam attended the grand opening ceremony of Star Telecom (Unitel)’s Headquarter

Prime Minister of Laos – Vietnam attended the grand opening ceremony of Star Telecom (Unitel)’s Headquarter

            On February 4, 2018 in Vientiane Capital, Mr. Thongloun, Prime Minister of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam attended the grand opening ceremony of the Big Center of Unitel.

            The building of Star Telecom located at Nong Bon Road, Phonxay Village, Sayettha  District, Vientiane Capital has 11 floors, modern design, vibrant colors in the same shape as the logo of Unitel. This unique building began construction in May 2015.

             At the ceremony, General Director Cao Anh Son briefly reported the achievements during 9 years of business. Now,Unitel has become a network on the top of the page of the total number of 2.8 million customers, accounted for 52%of market share, extensive infrastructure with 6,000 Central stations with 2G/3G/4G transmitters. The coverage area is about 95% of the country. Unitel has contributed significantly to the change of the telecommunications industry in Laos. The number of people who can access the phone is five times higher, from 18% to 85%. Phone signals are spread all over the country so people can use the phone and the Internet extensively.

              Mr. Ulaha THONVANTHA – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Star Telecom thanked and appreciated business partners of Vietnam. He said that the business cooperation with Viettel has helped Laos – Asia Telecom more developed. After 9 years, Unitel had earned US$ 1.22 billion in revenues, US$ 480 in profits million and contributed taxes of US$ 350 million. Moreover, Unitel had become a major telecom company and ranked the first by Telecom. Unitel was expected to be a contributing resource of the society and people.

             With the viewpoint of “Business must be associated to social support”, Unitel has provided social assistance of more than US$ 11 million, installed over 1,000 Internet access points for schools all over the country,helped to build medical stations in poor rural areas and held telecommunication training courses, information technology activities and other social assistance activities.

            With the interest of the two parties, two countries and the representatives of the company, Mr. Cao Anh Son said that in the near future, Unitel would continue improving service products, providing services and technology in all aspects of life and collaborated with the government to modernize the society and promote the development of the nation.

              At the ceremony, the delegates also expressed their belief that Unitel would continue cooperating and directing towards the success and development of Laos -Vietnam friendship and cooperation.