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Unitel is the leading mobile operator in Laos, with the most extensive, reliable and trusted network. It is a trademark of the telecommunication company Star Telecom, a joint venture between Lao Asia Telecom and Viettel Group – leading telecommunications group in Vietnam which has invested successfully in 9 countries across 3 continents. According to GSMA Wireless Intelligence, Viettel Group is among the top 15 telecom companies globally when ranked by the number of cellular connections.

About our brand name, “Uni” is extracted from the word “United” – which has similar meaning to solidarity. This is a social value highly respected by Laotian people. Unitel is created as a telecom network to connect the Laotian and bring them a better life.

Now, Unitel is operating in the following fields:

  • Mobile service: Prepaid, Postpaid, 3G services
  • Fix phone: Unihome, PSTN
  • Internet: FTTH, ADSL, EDGE, Mobile Broadband 3G, 4G
  • Leased Line – Value added services


In order to access and provide services to every population throughout the country, even the remote areas, Unitel has socialized its distribution channels with a network of more than 15,000 agents, points of sales and coordinator at every villages. This network has generated jobs and stable income for over 20,000 local labors.

As the largest telecom operator in Laos with more than 2.3 million customers, Unitel has spread its network infrastructure and services to nationwide, significantly helping Laos’ telecommunication industry to achieve a new development milestone. The mobile penetration rate increased 4 times higher since Unitel joined the market.

After only 6 years of operation, Unitel has reached and maintained an average growth rate of 16% annually, which is 1.35 time higher than its competitor. Especially, the growth rate of profit after tax reaches to 27%, which is 2.7 times higher than its competitor. In 2014, Unitel was one of the largest tax payer in Laos with total tax contribution of USD 54 million.

Along with its business, Unitel also organizes many CSR programs such as providing free Internet to 1.295 schools, building local medical centers and schools for remote areas of Laos, deploying e-government for Laotian government, sponsor for sponsorship for the World Championship on Microsoft Office for students in Cambodia.

With its differentiation in doing business, Unitel was rewarded as “The best operator in developing markets” at the World Communication Awards 2012, becoming the first and only enterprise of Laos to receive a noble award in field of telecommunication and ICT.


“Always be a pioneer and an innovator. Always listen to and care for our customers.”

Our company continually strives to innovate and personalize information technology, telecommunications and digital content services to deliver the highest value possible to our customers.

Our aim is to deeply embed sustainability in our culture, values, decision-making, products and services in order to ensure Unitel is a sustainable business positioned for long-term growth by leading and shaping positive change.


Our business philosophy has 3 important points:

  1. Customers are cared as separate individuals: Each customer is considered an individual so that we are always be ready to listen to and understand each customer’s requirement in order to provide individually tailored services.
  2. Business development goes with social responsibility: In our perception, the society‘s development is the foundation for business growth so we are committed to reinvest and take action to improve and develop better the society.
  3. Human resources are the key to development: Each employee of Unitel should be happy and play a creative role; therefore a good working environment is essential.


Our business strategy has five goals.

  1. Becoming the leading telecom operator after 3 years launching services.
  2. Bringing information technology and telecommunications to every person, every family and every corner of social life
  3. Investing to build the most extensive network with the best possible coverage
  4. Bringing the most advanced technology to Laos
  5. Diversifying our services to cater to all customers
  6. Pricing to suit every market segment


Unitel’s core values are commitment to customers, partners, investors, society and even ourselves. These core values guide all our activities carried out to become an innovative business enterprise.

1. Value innovation:

Innovation means thinking a new about an old issue. Passive agreement means decline. Doing things differently and respecting and honoring every idea, no matter where it comes from. Building a creative environment that encourages innovation to benefit both customers and employees.

2. Change is a norm:

Competitive strength is based on rapid adaptability. Considering changes to ensure adaptability is a norm. Thinking and managing constantly to efficiently adjust strategies and operational structures.

3. Discipline is a norm

Developing strict discipline, solidarity and acceptance of hardship while being devoted to work. Performing in a decisive, quick and thorough manner.

4. The company is a second family

Every employee has a role to play in developing this family. Respecting co-workers even when it involves the smallest of jobs. Do teamwork to promote individual responsibility and engagement. Understand each member as an indispensable part of the organization.

5. System thinking

Possessing a strategic vision and knowledge to master the organization’s systems. Fully understanding the fundamentals of every issue. Professionalizing every stage of work to ensure rapid development and sustainability. Simplifying complicated problems.


Corporate responsibility

Unitel’s point of view on CSR

The perspective about social responsibility of Unitel has been clearly mentioned in the Unitel’s business core value. Society is a foundation for any corporate to develop. Unitel committed to reinvesting in the society by combining business operations with humane social activities.

From that perspective, “business is connected with social responsibilities” has become Unitel’s core value. Unitel always attributes the development and success to humane social activities. Unitel regarded them as traditions which benefit the society and help underprivileged people all over the country. Unitel has joined in many activities to contribute to the common development of society. We focused on the following programs:

  • E-government
  • Internet for schools
  • Healthcare community, support areas which suffered from natural disasters
  • Other social and charity activities to help the poor people

CRS Programs

With the core philosophy doing business integrated into social responsibilities, Unitel has joined in many activities to contribute to the common development of society. Currently, Unitel has implemented many social programs as:

  • Internet to school: Sponsor to connect internet to 1295 public schools nationwide in 6 years from year 2009 – 2015 with the values of 3 million dollar.
  • Hospital in provincial Atapu 04/2012: Sponsored costs to construct and handed over the hospital to the local authorities.
  • Other social and charity activities to help the poor people